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LGBT Friendly and Couples Welcome (Separate Rooms)

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We thoroughly understand addiction and know how bad the physical and mental pain can be.

Being a Doctor owned and operated Addiction Treatment Center, our methods have scientific backing for saving lives.  We have the experience to help you become and stay clean and sober. 

We Help You Overcome Addiction So You Can Lead The Life You Want To Live!

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Addiction Treatment in
3 Simple Steps...


Step One

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Step Two


After our Admissions Coordinator has made arrangements with you, you will most likely be admitted to our Orange County drug and alcohol detox.  You will be assessed by our medical doctor within the first 24 hours.

At New Perspective Recovery, we offer medication-assisted detoxification in a serene, safe, non-hospital, residential home setting.

Our fully licensed detox facility will help you safely and comfortably detox from any substance in our warm, supportive and caring family environment.


Step Three

Residential Rehab in
Orange County, CA

After detox, you are admitted to our inpatient treatment program. During this phase, we use the latest evidence-based treatments to treat underlying issues and give you the tools for long-term recovery. Our program includes:

    • Masters Level Clinicians and case Management (Heavy Trauma-Focused)
    • Medically Assisted Treatment Available
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
    • Relapse Prevention Groups
    • Breathworks
    • 12-Step Supportive atmosphere as well as other options
    • Mindfulness Groups Other Experimental Therapies
    • Rock-to-Recovery

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LGBT Friendly and Couples Welcome (Separate Rooms)

Watching a loved one fall into the well of addiction is heartbreaking. They withdraw from friends, family and co-workers…. Life. Eventually, all they can do is chase their elusive high. Trying desperately to avoid the physical pain of withdrawal. Family is lied to, stolen from, verbally and even physically abused. Those who care about the addict become desperate to stop the free fall, but are defeated at every turn. 

Addiction is a complex, multi-faceted disease which swallows the whole person AND those around them.  When one family member is overwhelmed by addiction, the whole family is affected. Addiction does not discriminate – it can control a loved one despite age, sex, race, education, intelligence level, economic status, religious or sexual preference. At New Perspective Recovery in Westminster, California, we also provide the highest levels of care for LGBT Detox and Couples Detox. Once addiction has engaged, it disrupts physical, psychological, interpersonal, emotional and the spiritual aspects life.  Behavioral changes at home, with friends, at work/school reveal just how tightly addiction has taken a hold.

 Welcome to New Perspective Recovery located in beautiful Orange County, California.  We help individuals and their families begin the lifelong process of recovery from addiction.  We equip our Residents with tools to carry them to their next level of the recovery process

addiction recovery orange county ca

Two Residents Per

Clean, fresh and everything brand-new. LGBT and couples rooms available!

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Peaceful, Spacious

Clean, fresh and everything brand-new. LGBT and couples rooms available!

addiction recovery anaheim

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Clean, fresh and everything brand-new. LGBT and couples rooms available!

Addiction is Life Threatening

We offer Detox residential and PHP treatment for substance abuse. Got questions? We are a phone call away to assist with answers for you or a loved one. 

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Environment makes all the difference when detoxing. A calm clean and peaceful place with a caring devoted staff can speed up the healing and ease anxiety for both the resident and their family. All of these things will help create a solid foundation to build a sober life. 

Addiction does not have to be a permanent way of life. There is a way out. Change is possible.

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