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For couples treatment to be a viable option, both parties must be willing to embrace the prospect of recovery. Additionally, both parties should prefer to enroll in a program together rather than individually, which would separate the two for the duration of the program. Although individuals seeking treatment are often discouraged from establishing romantic relationships while in the earliest stages of recovery, the fact that a couple has an established relationship implies that there either currently exists or previously existed an emotional connection that could be rekindled and that couple prove to be a valuable asset (and source of motivation) throughout the recovery journey.

A key element of any high-quality couples treatment program is couples therapy. As you’d expect of any couples therapy, the couples therapy offered as part of our couples treatment program at New Perspective Recovery in Westminster, Orange County, California is intended to help addicted couples to work on their relationships.

Over the course of addiction, alcohol or drugs take an increasingly central role in a person’s life. This means that substance abuse becomes even more important than the person with whom a substance abuser is in a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, the result of both parties suffering from addiction is a dysfunctional relationship with poor communication and emotional realization. That’s where couples therapy comes into the equation.

Our couples therapy helps couples seeking treatment for addiction to re-establish and solidify their emotional connections. While in the throes of active addiction, an addicted couple’s relationship reinforces their addictions, but in recovery, a couple’s relationship can be a valuable asset, increasing their resolve and dedication to recovery as they strengthen their emotional bonds.

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