Orange County Drug & Alcohol Detox

For many suffering from addiction, the process for recovery begins with Detox. The detox process and the meds are chosen based upon the addict’s drug of choice, and are used to ease severe withdrawal symptoms.  We have created a facility designed for LGBT detox  and couples detox. The belief is that without the aid of these prescribed medications, the addict would not be able to withstand the extreme, severe withdrawal symptoms, and either die, or return to self medication with their drug of choice.  And withdrawal symptoms can be severe: round the clock diarrhea, vomiting, sweats, chills, tremors and body wide pain.  This is NOT a matter of will and “toughing it out.”  Without the medical aid, and round the clock monitoring of vital signs, the addict could die from out of control blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature or seizures.  Or they could die from dehydration or starvation (most come into treatment severely malnourished and under weight).  This is why an addict thinking that they can “do it on their own” is such dangerous thinking.  It is also why, here at New Perspective Recovery, we have 2 care coordinators on duty at all times, and during the night shift one of the care coordinators is also a medical assistant.

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