Meth Addiction (AKA Amphetamine Addiction)

Are You Addicted to Meth?

If you’re reading this, you may see meth as a means to an end…meth enhances sex, it makes you feel alive, maybe it’s what your friends do and you want to fit in. However, when you use, things go way beyond what you intended. You put yourself in physical danger, you risk you health with exposure to hepatitis, AIDS/HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea…

You might party for days…you don’t eat, you don’t sleep, you run your body into the ground, and end up exhausted, irritable, nauseous, maybe you feel depressed, paranoid. Maybe you feel like your heart races, even when you’re not using.

Making it even worse, your phone might be pinging with texts from your “new” friends who want to party again. After all, meth makes a lot of sexual inhibition go away. But it can also make you aggressive, belligerent…you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. And yes, there is such a thing as being too thin…

There are mornings, if you still have a job, you likely feel lousy enough to call in sick. At this point, you may not even realize that you have lost valuable relationships and even part of your dignity as a result of your use. Do you feel ashamed or guilty because of your lack of control or who you partied with?

For Every User There Is A Unique Situation

Some people only use to study, or go on sex binges. Some use first thing in the morning to get them going, or use at work to keep them going. Eventually, you start looking gaunt, tired, you have skin rashes, you ruin your teeth…

Some users wouldn’t dream of using without a good reason – a special evening out, an important test at school, a heavy project at work. Some prefer to use alone. Some people hide their use, and others flaunt it depending on the societal culture they live in.

Social pressures are a common struggle. Too many are tempted to use at parties or get-togethers, on weekends. Meth is everywhere, heck they give it to kids – yup, that’s what’s in Ritalin, Concerta, Focalin… depending on the family you belong to, and the pressure to succeed, the prescription drugs are being pushed on you. AND, if you refuse (because you’re trying not to use drugs) you risk angering your family.

Meth addiction can look different on different people, but make no mistake, addicts have lost all their power to control their use. Addiction can find anyone – regardless of your intelligence level, economic level, line of work, background, race, religion, or gender. AND, addiction has the power to ruin lives.

It may be that you have a history of addiction in your family. You could be the survivor of sexual abuse, have a psychological issue that drives your meth use. Whatever the reasons are for your amphetamine dependence, we are here to help and support you as you go from detox to the next phases of treatment at New Perspective Recovery.

Who is Successful In Recovery?

Generally speaking, an addict who is forced or coerced or given an ultimatum, is less likely to maintain sobriety. People who want to be sober have an easier time succeeding in sobriety. Those who have had enough pain, and want a better life, are ready for detox. What many people don’t realize is that for any addict, monitored detox is an essential part of the process of addiction recovery, but it is NOT safe to attempt without appropriate supervision. At our center, we provide the needed monitoring to ensure you are safe. Our goal is to make the detox process go as smoothly as possible.

What Can You Expect From Meth Detox at New Perspective Recovery?

Our founders and staff, many of whom have decades of sobriety, take tremendous pride in our facility, believe in our mission, and strive to make New Perspective Recovery the gold standard of detox centers and residential treatment facilities. Compared to most Orange County treatment centers, we have a higher staff-to-resident ratio, ensuring the safest possible outcome for those seeking detox, residential and PHP treatment.

As far as creature comforts are concerned, we have many. We provide fresh, healthy food, spotlessly clean and airy semi-private rooms and common areas. Numerous amenities, such as big-screen TV’s in each bedroom as well as the living room, a movie, book and board game collection for your enjoyment. And, a beautiful house that will feel like a home – with a staff that is here to provide a safe space.

We also work with a doctor group, available 24/7, who prescribes appropriate medication to make you as comfortable as possible while you detox. No matter what you experience during detox, we will stay on top of your symptoms and are NOT afraid to allow you to contact your prescriber in order to adjust your medication to ease your withdrawal.

Regarding emotional support, it is our mission to provide compassion and understanding as you go through detox. As survivors of addiction, we understand your experience. We make detox as easy as humanly possible. AND, we are the only detox facility that we know of that offers therapy at the detox level. Normally, therapy begins at the IOP (intensive outpatient level), but we asked ourselves – why wait? Why not help our Residents create a solid sobriety foundation now – sooner rather than later? The team at New Perspective Recovery makes a solemn commitment to your success in recovery.

Even though, at this point, you may feel as if the drug use is controlling you, we can show you how to free yourself from the grip of addiction. Would you like to take control of your habit and empower yourself to change the way you handle stress and live your life?

I Am Considering Addiction Treatment, But I Still Have A Few Concerns...

I Really Don't Think I Have A Problem

Our detox and residential program is helpful even to those who may not recognize that they have developed and addiction. We screen residents, and have an understanding of those who struggle with addiction but aren’t truly ready to change. However, you have a better chance at a more functional life if you consider the possibility of having a problem.

I'm Terrified The Detox Will Be A Horrible Experience, or Even Kill Me...

Our knowledgeable and specially trained staff monitor vital signs for changes to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible. You may feel physical symptoms that are difficult, possibly uncomfortable, but they will pass, and we will be there with compassion, understanding and proper training, to ensure you succeed in detox.

I Don't Think I Can Stay Sober...

Thinking of giving up a way of life forever sounds impossible. The concept of staying in the present, and living one day at a time works. We will teach you how.

The Next Step Is Yours To Take

Here at New Perspective Recovery, we want you to know that you are not alone. You ARE ready to take that next step to change your path and begin a new life. We welcome you warmly…with a New Perspective. Please contact our admissions specialist for your initial consultation at 800-901-1841.

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