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Our treatment philosophy:

Lives are saved with New Perspective: Offering a new and different perspective on drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Lets start with...
Addiction is insidious

Watching a love one fall into the dark well of addiction is heartbreaking.  They withdraw from friends, family, coworkers…life.  Eventually, all they can do is chase their elusive high, trying desperately to avoid the physical pain of withdrawal.  Family is lied to, stolen from, verbally and even physically abused.  Those who care about the addict become desperate to stop the free fall, but are defeated at every turn.

Addiction is a complex, multi-faceted disease which swallows the whole person AND those around them.  When one family member is overwhelmed by addiction, the whole family is affected.  Addiction does not discriminate – it can control a loved one despite age, sex, race, education, intelligence level, economic status, religious or sexual preference. Once addiction has engaged, it disrupts physical, psychological, interpersonal, emotional and the spiritual aspects life.  Behavioral changes at home, with friends, at work/school reveal just how tightly addiction has taken a hold.

Welcome to New Perspective Recovery.  We help individuals and their families begin the lifelong process of recovery from addiction.  We equip our Residents with tools to carry them to their next level of the recovery process.

What we consider appropriate addiction treatment:

The addict has learned how to function in their dysfunction.  A good treatment program teaches how to function fully without the crutch of their drug of choice.  Treatment is simple compared to the long, complicated path of full-blown addiction.  The vast majority of addicts have trauma induced shame and blame as the cause of their need to self sooth with drugs or alcohol.  Self soothing keeps the frightening, hurtful thoughts and feelings at bay – for a while.

Appropriate addiction treatment puts the past in the past where it belongs.  Treatment infuses hope and a belief that the Resident deserves to be loved, appreciated, treated with respect and dignity – that they deserve a fully functional life in the light, rather than a life full of shame, pain and blame in the shadows of society. 

Self Sabotage

Sabotage occurs when the addict has not fully addressed shame or their painful past full of failure and rejection.  There is a belief that they do NOT deserve success.  This is heartbreaking.  Appropriate addiction treatment addresses self-worth, focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses, offers kindness, encouragement and acceptance rather than shame, blame and fault seeking.

Addiction is NOT a choice...

In the past, society has viewed addiction and the addict as someone choosing to be weak and lazy.  Someone who chooses to turn their back on family and religious values and pursue evil ways.  Our treatment team offers a very different, new perspective of the addict.  We offer a perspective of a wounded soul, someone damaged by their past circumstances.  Someone who survived the best they could even through their life overwhelmed their ability to cope.  Hence they turned to drugs or alcohol to numb or sooth away physical/emotional pain, or energize them in order to face a difficult revolting way to survive.

The staff at New Perspective Recovery offers Residents hope that their past does NOT define them, that they DO have the ability to change for the better, that they are deserving of a better life than that of an addict, and that they are NOT alone on their path to sobriety.

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