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We will do our best to verify your insurance benefits within an hour of receiving your information.  We also have the ability to accept all credit cards; American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard and Visa. 


We do our best to pre-screen Residents for suitability for and compatibility with our program.  In the event staff feels there is a better fit for Residents’ treatment elsewhere, we will make all arrangements for Residents’ transfer. 


Residents are admitted during regular office hours, which are Monday through Friday 8:00am until 5:00pm.  No Resident can be admitted until cleared by our Nurse or Doctor (who do NOT work on the weekends).  Staff is available during weekends to discuss compatibility and suitability, to verify insurance benefits, and begin the admittance process, but NOT to receive a new Resident into the detox addiction treatment program house. 


Currently we have one three bedroom, two bathroom detox addiction treatment home, which is centrally located in Orange County, California, 15 minutes north of John Wayne International Airport.  Please visit our Facilities page to learn more.


All Residents are screened, for medical health issues, and level of care requirement, by our Nurse and/or Doctor before full admittance to our detox addiction recovery treatment program.  Once Nurse/Doctor clear a Resident for admittance to our program, Doctor’s instructions for meds, designed to lesson withdrawal symptoms and or address co-occuring mental health issues, are strictly followed.  Nurse, Doctor and Clinical Director are available 24/7 should Residents require adjustment to meds or treatment.  Staff takes medication management VERY seriously, and our Residents’ comfort and safety are at the heart of our detox addiction recovery program. 

Joint Commission:

To report a safety event or concern about a healthcare organization contact:

Joint Commission

Office of Quality and Patient Safety

1 Renaissance Blvd

Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181


Or fax at:630-792-5636 or online at: https://apps.jointcommission.org/QMSinternet/IncidentEntry.aspx

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